Sweeping Chimneys in Northallerton

Professional experience and reputation offers great testimonials on the cleanliness of our chimney sweeping in Northallerton and the surrounding areas.

To ensure a successful clean it is important to ensure a completely cool fireplace. There should be absolutely no valuables surrounding the mantel. Before commencing we assess chimney masonry from the exterior of the property alongside the chimney pot and cowl. This initial step is intrinsic to safety. From here we will begin the preparation in order to ensure a cleaner process as possible. In contrast to other companies we like to use two hearth sheets for protection. This seems to work extremely well, offering double the coverage.

We will visit your home in Northallerton at a convenient time before assessing your fireplace, range or stove gaining direct knowledge on the best form of dust control for the job. This could be sheets or purpose made sponge blocks. We will discuss the right option with you whilst keeping you informed of progress throughout. Our methods prove time after time that mess is kept to an absolute minimum with clients thrilled upon completion. Best results are gained via a combination of brushes and based on masonry or linered flues.

The opening of your fireplace will be completely blocked with our levels of dust control as mentioned above. The vacuum is connected and the brush rod placed inside the actual chimney. The brush itself spins at speed from the bottom up over and we will view from the outside to ensure it reaches the top. Soot, creosote and any other dirt is disrupted by the brush and sucked into the vacuum sporting a 5 layer HEPA rated vacuum bag. Once satisfied with the clean, all dust sheets and equipment will be carefully removed leaving things just as they were upon our arrival.

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