Chimney CCTV Inspection

Identifying a problem can sometimes prove difficult if there are issues with the chimney

Star Sweep Enterprise carry out chimney CCTV inspection in Darlington and the surrounding local areas. This option makes more sense than requesting a builder to begin work by knocking holes into the chimney every couple of metres. Our solution offers a non- destructive way of seeing inside the chimney in order to spot the issue. To achieve this result, a power sweep is necessary due to a buildup of heavy soot that can potentially hide any defects thus obscuring the camera lens. From here a purpose made CCTV camera is attached to chimney rods and fed upwards. Equipped with 24 Infrared LED lights, the camera offers great visibility in the dark.

The condition of the chimney will be assessed using a 14 metre cable which connects the camera to a 9” colour monitor screen. The location of any faults can be determined by measuring the length of the chimney rods used. A chimney CCTV inspection takes out the guess work in terms of diagnosing the issue. It is also the cheapest method in terms of identifying a solution.

A chimney CCTV survey is recommended in the following instances:

  • If flue has poor draught
  • If you’ve had a chimney fire
  • If remedial works have been carried out
  • If a chimney liner is suspect
  • If you want to re-instate a chimney
  • Prior to property purchase