Professional Removal of Birds Nests

If you suspect the presence of a bird’s nest within your chimney, removal is advised as soon as possible.

Tell-tale signs of nesting birds includes twigs falling into the fireplace and the sound of chirping coming down the flue. If it’s an old nest that’s completely blocked up the flue then that chimney may be quieter compared to others. Jackdaws, rooks and starlings are most likely to nest in chimneys so keep a lookout for these flying back and forth to your chimney pots.

Not only is a bird’s nest a fire hazard, it’s also a potential health risk. Bird droppings, mites and parasites brought into your home all have the potential to make people ill. Birds typically make their nests by repeatedly dropping twigs down the chimney until one jams sideways or snags on other jammed twigs.

Often the twig jam occurs in a bend of the chimney usually located two thirds of the way up the flue from the fireplace. More and more twigs are added to fill the chimney up. In addition to twigs, birds will use anything then can drop into the chimney; crisp packets, takeaway trays, cardboard as well as grass, dirt and moss.

On no account should anyone try to remove a bird’s nest by lighting a fire. If you’re lucky you may only fill your house with smoke with worst case potential of a serious chimney fire that can spread into the roof. Removing birds nests is a specialised job that should be left to a professional chimney sweep. It can sometimes require a lot of hard work and time as the top 1/3 of the chimney could be full of nesting material. We have the specialist tools to safely remove nests. Please note however that if the nest is already occupied we cannot disturb it until the fledglings have flown as to do so would be an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Once the nest has been removed we will power sweep the full length of the chimney and check that there is a good draw on the chimney by conducting a smoke test.

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