Sweeping Chimneys in Richmond

Chimney Sweeping in Richmond and the local area is executed to the highest of standards .

At Star Sweep Enterprise we always put safety first and upon arrival to your property will carry out an inspection of the chimney masonry, pot and cowl if applicable. This assessment allows us to ensure nothing is likely to fall from the roof once the sweep commences. You too can help with safety. Please make sure your fireplace is free from any valuables, ornaments and knick knacks. In addition the hearth is required to be completely cool and it is recommended to put out fires at least 24 hours before a visit.

One of the biggest worries associated with chimney sweeping in homes across Richmond and the North east is the level of mess created. Luckily it’s 2017 and we have a whole range of appropriate methods designed to leave an area as clean as it was when we entered. We like to be extremely thorough and to avoid mess at all costs we double up on hearth sheets. Depending on what’s best for your fireplace, we will use either dust sheets or purpose made sponge blocks. Please feel free to ask us about these ahead of your appointment. We understand the need for our service and we also take on board the fact a homeowner likes to keep mess to a minimum.

Once full protection is in place and the fireplace is blocked we will begin the process. A combination of brushes attached to rods will span the entirety of your chimney at speed ensuring soot and creosote is disrupted. Sucked into an extremely powerful vacuum we need to ensure the brush reaches the very top of the chimney and to do this we will pop outside a few times throughout the process.

We will leave your home exactly how we found it, the only difference being, your chimney will be clean, soot free and safe. Speak to us about visiting you in your Richmond based home today.