Chimney Cleaning in Darlington

In my experience my customers have been amazed at how clean chimney sweeping can be.

Here at Star Sweep Enterprise we offer a professional chimney cleaning service in Darlington and the surrounding areas. Through experience, customers continue to be amazed at how clean we are able to make an historically filthy job.

Having progressed a long way from its early days, I’m pleased to say that chimney cleaning no longer requires the need to send up children! Having made the wise choice of booking a chimney cleaner you will need to ensure any fires have gone out the previous day. Valuables should be moved away from the fireplace and mantel. Arriving at a convenient time, before even knocking on the door, our first job is to make a visual assessment of the chimney’s masonry condition, existing pot and cowl if fitted. Safety always comes first.

Armed with two hearth sheets to protect the floor around the fireplace you will notice we really do go the extra mile. In surveying the fireplace, stove or range we will decide upon the best method of dust control. The recommended options for chimney cleaning include dust sheets or purpose made sponge blocks. Further inspection inside appliances helps to determine the optimum combination of brushes and rods required to achieve the best results and these will differ based upon masonry or linered flues. By this point we are usually asked if there will be much mess, the answer being, almost certainly not.

Chimney sweep (in Darlington) £40.00
Chimney sweep (within 18 miles) £45.00
Removal of birds nests £30.00 after the first 30 mins (recurring)

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No Mess, No Fuss, No Dust.

Once the fireplace opening is blocked for dust control, vacuum connected and the brush and first rod inside the chimney, more rods will be attached progressively, taking the brush to the top of the chimney. This part of the process requires visual verification from outdoors several times. Once achieved the chimney cleaning process begins. The brush spins at speed all the way from the top of the chimney to the bottom. Any soot or creosote removed by the brush is captured by the powerful vacuum in its 5 layer HEPA rated vacuum bag. No mess, no fuss, no dust! From here, dust control sheets or sponges are carefully removed to vacuum any soot that’s fallen into the grate. Finally all sweeping equipment will be removed with your home left as clean as when we entered.