Professional Services

You can be assured of a professional service from Star Sweep Enterprise

Founded and run by John Hennessy, Star Sweep Enterprise is based in Darlington, County Durham, serving the local area including Northallerton and Richmond. A combination of the desire to become self-employed alongside an opportunity for redundancy allowed John to retrain at the National Association of Chimney Sweeps in order to become a professional chimney sweep. John explains;

“The National Association of Chimney Sweep training course is very thorough and in depth. Not everyone passes the course and they keep their standards high for good reason. It’s not just about moving a bit of soot about, it’s about safety, the prevention of chimney fires, avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning and potentially saving lives. In fact having the chimney swept is so important chimney sweeping is still classed as a reserved occupation.”

Having originally trained as a Mechanical Engineer John has an HND within this discipline. He has successfully designed insulation on Nuclear submarines for Darchem, developed fridges/ freezers for Electrolux and designed/installed engine test cell cooling systems at Cummins Engines.

The combination of John’s skills that include a highly practical nature, common sense and a strong technical background together with the use of award winning chimney sweeping equipment allows Star Sweep Enterprise to provide the best service available.

John lives in Darlington with his lovely wife Anne and a small menagerie of pets!

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